Repertory of Conjectures on Horace

Repertory of Conjectures on Horace is a searchable database providing information on conjectures proposed on Horace’s poems in printed works. The database consists of two files, Repertory of conjectures and Bibliography.

In the Repertory users may search for

  1. all conjectures proposed on a given passage in Horace’s oeuvre, be it a word or a line or an entire poem,
  2. information on any given conjecture: who proposed it as his own? who attributed it to someone else? where has it been discussed?
  3. types of conjecture (e.g. substitution, deletion of lines)
  4. cases in which a reading attributed to someone as a conjecture was not proposed as a conjecture but quoted as a manuscript reading.

The Repertory provides links to publications listed in a Bibliography.

The Bibliography lists all works that the compilers have checked and works that they have not checked but entered in the Bibliography on the assumption that they might contain relevant information.