NEALT nominations for the years 2012 - 2013

The Business Meeting of the NEALT will be held in conjunction with the NODALIDA-2011 conference in Riga. According to the Constitution of the NEALT, The Business Meeting elects, among other things, the members of the Executive Committee (EC) for the next two-year term which in this case starts on January 1st 2012. The present composition of the EC and the expectations of normal recycling and continuations is as follows:

President Janne Bondi Johannesen now serves her only term as President and is expected to retire and become a member of the Nominating Committee NO
Vice President Krister Lindén now serves his only term as Vice President as is expected to succeed Bondi Johannesen as the President FI
Secretary Sjur Moshagen now serves his first term and is expected to serve the second NO
Treasurer Joakim Nivre serves now his second term and is expected to retire SE
Editor in Chief Mare Koit now serves her second term and is expected to retire EE
Member Hanne Faersoe now serves her only term and is expected to retire DK

The association is at its beginning stages and the constitution does not explicitly dictate who will constitute the Nominating Committee at this stage (see item V.7 in the Constitution). Therefore, the Executive Committee has confirmed that the Nomination Committee now consists of Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson as the Chairman (being the former Vice President who retired without succeeding as the President at the end of 2009) and Kimmo Koskenniemi as Member (being the former President who retired at the end of 2009).

The Nomination Committee understood that the NEALT has started up and now operates normally. Therefore, the principles for the nominations and the periods of service stated in the Constitution were taken literally. After considering possible candidates, a reasonable balance between countries and the genders, the Nomination Committee proposes the following nominations:

President Krister Lindén (succeeds Janne Bondi Johannesen) FI
Vice President Bolette Sandford Pedersen, Torbjřrg Breivik DK, NO
Secretary Sjur Moshagen (continues the 2nd term) NO
Treasurer Sofie Johansson Kokkinakis, Rickard Domeij SE, SE
Editor in Chief Hrafn Loftsson, Lars Ahrenberg IS, SE
Member Rūta Marcinkevičienė, Kaili Müürisep LT, EE

Note that it would be convenient to have a Swedish Treasurer because the association is registered in Sweden and has a Swedish bank account.

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 2011-02-16