NEALT Treasurer's Annual Financial and Membership Report, May 26, 2007

To be presented at the NEALT Business Meeting, Tartu, May 26, 2007

NEALT was officially founded October 28, 2006. It was registered with the Swedish Tax Authorities (Skatteverket) December 6, 2006. A bank account for NEALT was opened in Handelsbanken January 23, 2007. NEALT had no financial transactions during the fiscal year 2006.

During 2007, five supporting members have joined NEALT paying their membership dues of 200 EUR each, which has generated a total income to NEALT of 9160.98 SEK. The only cost so far is the annual cost connected to the bank account, which is 486 SEK. The current balance on the NEALT account is thus 8674,98 SEK.

As of May 21, NEALT has 53 regular members and 5 supporting members:

Treasurer of the NEALT, Joakim Nivre