Rules for NEALT SIGs

The Executive Committee (EC) of the NEALT has established the following rules for establishing Special Interest Groups and for their operations.

  1. Each Special Interest Group (SIG) has to have (a) an one line title, (b) an acronym (starting with SIG), (c) a short description of the purposes of the SIG, and (d) a chairman who leads the work of the SIG and acts as a liaison between the Executive Committee (EC) and the SIG.
  2. The EC will consider and may establish SIGs based on proposals containing the above items.
  3. The chairman of the SIG reports to the EC as needed but at least in due time for including the key points to the President's Report which is to be presented to the Business Meeting of the association. Members of the association may join as members of the SIG. A SIG may organize its internal operations as they find appropriate.
  4. The association may provide certain facilities such as a wiki area and a mailing list for the SIG. The EC will oversee the SIG to ensure its success and continuity. For this purpose, the EC coordinates the domain and functioning of the SIG among other SIGs of the association when and as necessary.

The members of NEALT are invited to submit proposals for new SIGs to the Executive Committee nealt-ec AT

-- KimmoKoskenniemi - 18 Jun 2007