Assoc. prof. . dr., Jolanta Zabarskaitė is a director of the Institute of the Lithuanian Language and associate professor of Lithuanian Educological University, chairman of the board of Language and Intercultural Dialogue Association.

Research interests: lexicology (iconicity effects in speech, phonosemantic), and lexicography (also electronic), language policy and ideology of various historical periods, linguistic history, digital language resources.

Zabarskaitė published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals in Lithuania and abroad. With other academic wrote the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language and remains the editorial staff member of the online version of this largest work of twentieth-century Lithuanian linguistics (www.lkz.lt).

Member of the European Association of Lexicographer (Euralex) and European Union's Linguistic Authority Federation (EFNIL). National coordinator of the META-NORD project aims to establish an open linguistic infrastructure in the Baltic and Nordic countries. She is the author of the White Paper Series book The Lithuanian Language in Digital Age, 2012, Springer, (with Daiva Vaišnienė).

Zabarskaitė participates in the activities of the Commission for the Lituanistic Development led by Prime Minister of Lithuanian Republic Algirdas Butkevičius. In her field of interest is playing an important question how to overcome the digital gap for small languages​​.