SIG-CG: Special Interest Group for Constraint Grammar

The purpose of SIG-CG is to act as a forum for the Nordic Constraint Grammar community, facilitate cooperation, exchange of ideas and programs, and building and sharing common resources.

The responsible person and chairman of this group is Trond Trosterud. To become a member of SIG-CG, please contact him.

List of topics within NEALT SIG-CG

To add a new page (or topic) to NEALT SIG-CG, please use the box below. Using the box will automatically set up some useful bookkeeping details, including the topic's access rights. You must select a Wiki word for the new NEALT SIG-CG topic (see WikiWord). The Wiki word should begin with SigCg and be followed by a capital letter. After entering the name of the topic, please click Create new topic button to the right of the box to create the new page and start editing it:

Reading and writing the pages of this SIG

By default, all pages of this SIG can be read by anybody. There is a TWiki group NealtSigCgGroup specific to this SIG for persons who need to write, edit or update these pages. The chairman of this SIG will include members into that group as needed. The access rights for individual pages can be controlled with finer details as needed, see further instructions e.g. in TWikiAccessControl.


-- TrondTrosterud - 16 Sep 2008