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Agenda for this SIG

  1. Collect relevant and potential partners, see SigTeachingMembers. According to the call of Nordic Council of Ministers, three Nordic partners is a minimum. These three must offer courses worth at least 20 ECT credits to the Master Program.
  2. Each potential partner checks and and edits the SigTeachingTopics list making whatever additions and corrections are due.
  3. Each partner creates a page (using the box below, cf. e.g. SigTeachingHelsinki) here and describes its
    • areas of expertise,
    • distant learning experience and practice and
    • courses offered to the Nordic Master Program
  4. Common requirements for fulfilling the Master's degree need to be agreed upon e.g. as some set of items (say 7) out of which a student has to complete a part (say 3 courses) in order to qualify. The home university of the student grants the degree but the student also gets a Nordic diploma. (Note that in many master programs the universities share common requirements - and this usually takes lots of time and effort to plan.)
  5. Finding a model for operating the program:
    • The GSLT model, with courses lasting a whole semester and two short intensive periods. (The the costs of the mobility need to be covered from some source, e.g. Nordplus.)
    • The exchange student model, where students to go to different participating countries (on a Nordplus grant or something similar) and spend a whole semester there. (This makes the scheduling of the courses and studies extremely difficult. The costs of the mobility may also become a problem.)
    • The distance teaching model, where students stay at their home university but attend courses held at other universities using learning environments like Moodle, web conferencing systems like Marratech, etc. (This makes the scheduling of courses and studies easy, but teachers must adopt new methods and practices. Maybe a part of the budget might be used for developing the distant learning for the MP.)
  6. Agreeing the policy of course sharing
    • In order to be useful for a department, the the courses offered by the Nordic Master Program must be available a bit wider. The departments need an opportunity to skip lecturing some courses altogether, and not every student is in the Master Program.
  7. By the deadline of 20 April 2007 everything has to be done and submitted. A tight schedule is needed.

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The call for proposals by the Nordic Council of Ministers