Oslo Corpus of Pskov Dialects

Photo Gallery


Eišiškės, Polish Village on the Lithuanian-Byelorussian Border, June 1992

Fishing at Eišiškės, June 26, 1992

Delivery of gift of books from University of Oslo, June 1992 Departing for Russia, June 27, 1992

Arrived in Russian, Pytalovskij rajon, June 27, 1992

At Old Cult Site, Izborsk, with Ljubov’ Grušina and daughther, July 1992

Manuel crossing at Maly, Izborsk, July 1992

Puporevo, Pal’cevskij rajon, July 1992

With elderly ladies, Zaby, June 1992

What at great company, Zaby, June 1992

Near Latvian border, June 1992

A mother and her son, Grjazivec, Pal’cevskij rajon, June 1992

Crossing Raskopel’ bay, June 18, 1993

Grjazivec, July 1992

In excellent company

November 1992

Grjazivec, November 1992

Podborov’e, June 16, 1993

Entertainment at Adorje

Valerij in action

Also good company!

Crushing the flax, Spicinskij rajon, June 1993