Oslo Corpus of Pskov Dialects


Three field expeditions were carried out in the summers of 1992, 1993 and 1994, all of approximately three weeks duration, in late June and early July.

The field-work was organized and carried out by Jan Ivar Bjørrnflaten in close collaboration with Valerij N. Čekmonas from the University of Vilnius.

In the first summer, various parts of the Pskov region were visited, see the map below.

Itinerary of the Expedition in 1992 (yellow line)

The second summer, we traveled to the villages along the eastern shore of the Peipus lake, as well as the adjacent regions of Novgorod (Novgorodskaja oblast’) and Tver’ (Tverskaja oblast’).

Itinerary of the Expedition in 1993 (yellow line).

The third and last expedition took place in settlements along the river Ojat’ on the isthmus between the lakes of Ladoga and Onega. In addition, we visited the central parts of the Pskov region, the Sudoma heights, (Sudomskaja vozvyšennost’) and settlements of Old Believers between the town of Opočka and the Latvian border.

Itinerary of the Expedition in 1994 (black line).



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